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[EVENT] Bossnia

Do you think you know Rune Midgard like the back of your hand? That there is no more mysteries to unveil ? That it doesn’t have any more challenges to offer ? Well, you might be wrong. For one week, you will be able to discover the charms and ...

2019-06-21 | Read more

[MAJ] [Update] Episode 15.2, Rebellion and equipments

The expedition to Phantasmagorika have expanded the investigation area. You can now speak with Ian Artnard to continue your exploration. With the Episode 15.2, the following content has been added: - End of the quest "To Phantasmagorika" - 2 ...

2019-06-04 | Read more

[MAJ] Episode 15.1 : Phantasmagorika

Ruins of an ancient city were discovered near Juperos. However, this city, Verus, is swarmed by aggressive robots coming from Juperos Ruins. In order to help the task force they sent there, the Rekenber Corporation has accepted the help from outside ...

2018-12-13 | Read more

[MAJ] Cards Update

Adventurers, Several new cards have been added to the game. Below you will find the list of the recent additions. Note: The Celine Kimi Card should be added with the next update since it requires a specific server update. These cards can be ...

2018-11-15 | Read more

[EVENT] No Death & No Level Penalty

Until 23/05/19, a protective veil will help adventurers and cancel the experience penalty resulting of an unfortunate death. In addition, the experience penalty depending on the monster level and your character level has been removed. You will earn ...

2019-05-16 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 16/05/2019

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - The "رمضان مبارك (Ramadan Moubarak!)" Event continues - The "Malangdo Fishing Festival" Event continues - New Event: No Death ...

2019-05-16 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 09/05/2019

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - New Event: رمضان مبارك (Ramadan Moubarak!) - The "Malangdo Fishing Festival" Event continues - The RAMADAN item healing has ...

2019-05-09 | Read more

[EVENT] رمضان مبارك (Ramadan Moubarak!)

Celebrate Ramadan with Ragnarök! From Thursday, 9 May and for a one month duration, the team Ragnarök Online makes you rediscover the world of the Arabian Nights! Embark on an adventure through an exclusive quest and come to the aid of Aladdin ...

2019-05-09 | Read more

[EVENT] Malangdo Fishing Festival

These days, a strange and faint music can be heard in Alberta, it seems to be coming from an island in the distance. After some investigations, cats from Malangdo told us that they are celebrating good weathers, who are coming late there. Join them ...

2019-05-09 | Read more

[INFO] New Costume Box: Costama Mofumofu

From the 18th April 2019 our ishop offer is including this box: Costama MofumofuGrab them as long you have the opportunity to do so! You can get these awesome gears from these boxes randomly: Costume Rune Helm (Upper) Costume Shaving ...

2019-04-18 | Read more


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