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The company Whybe Online, is the publisher of content, products and services available on different formats (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”). The present Charter (hereinafter referred to as “the Charter”) presents the commitments taken by Whybe Online to protect personal data of internet users visiting the present website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”). The Charter informs you about the process of collection and usage of your personal data and options you may enjoy in this respect. Whybe Online may modified at any time the Charter, according to any changes or additions carried out, particularly in order to comply with any regulatory, jurisprudential, editorial and/or technical evolution. Prior to browsing, it is advised that you refer to the latest version of the Charter accessible on our Website.
Article 1 – What is meant by « personal data »?

The “personal data” are the information that uniquely identifies you as a physical person or recognizes you directly or indirectly.
Such data can be a last name, first name, date of birth, gender, mailing address, email address, computer IP address, phone number, payment card number, photo, videos, commentary indicating your contact details, ID and personal and confidential password…
When entering our Services, you may be induced to provide personal data, for example if you:
-	Create a user account on the Website;
-	Subscribe to a newsletter;
-	Subscribe to one of our Services;
-	Make a purchase;
-	Participate in a contest that we organize;
-	Answer a survey;
-	Transfer a link or content of one of our Services to one of your contacts, etc.
Submit those information may be mandatory to use some of our Services.
The aim is to:
-	Create and manage your account;
-	Help you benefit from services provided in our Services;
-	Contact you to inform you from eventual gains in the scope of our contests;
-	Answer to your requests;
-	Update you on the Services that we offer;
-	Establish statistics of the uses of the different parts of our Services;
-	Comply with the present legislation in the case that you engage in participative platforms moderated a posteriori (forums, opinions, uploading of any numerical element…);
-	Identify the abusive use of our Services.
Article 2- Who can use your personal data?

Your personal data are collected when subscribing to our Services. The recipient of said data is Whybe Online.

2.1. Whybe Online:

Your personal data may be used by Whybe Online to:
-	check that you are the game account’s holder in case of loss of your user ID ;
-	check that you are the game account’s holder if a request to change the information has been sent;
-	send any useful information, through the contact details you provided;
-	update you on the supply conditions of our Services;
-	confirm your orders, registration on a Service or the execution, invoicing or that conclusion of the latter has been taken into account;
-	update you on the agenda of our Services and our offers, including for other services than those subscribed for and the ones that might interest you.
We shall not use your personal information for such purposes if you notify us of your wish to stop receiving all or part of our offers, in the policies set herein.
Your personal data may be:

-	Communicated by Whybe Online to its subsidiaries or to any group subsidiary to which Whybe Online is affiliated, including those located overseas, in order to allow you to access the Services and carry out the activities above-mentioned. It is however specified that any transfer overseas shall be executed in accordance to the legislation in force in order to adequately guarantee the protection of your data. 
-	Transferred to any data processing company assigned by Whybe Online as subcontractor to exercise any of the activities mentioned, being specified that your personal data shall remain under the control and direction of Whybe Online.

2.2 Third parties entitled to by law:

In some cases provided for by law, your personal data may be transferred to any third party legally entitled to access to such data upon specific request: judicial authority, administrative authority, your Internet service provider, or any third party issuing a cookie saved in your device (an external advertising agency, another publisher, etc.).  

We also may be induced to communicate your personal data to third parties in the case that such action is necessary to protect and/or defend Whybe Online’s rights, to enforce the present provisions, or to protect your or the public’s rights and/or interests, provided that such transmission be authorized by law. 

Should any or part of Whybe Online be sold to a third party, we reserve the right to transfer your information as disposed of or sold assets.

Article 3. How can you access your personal data, modify and/or delete them?

The law gives you the right to access, oppose and delete the data concerning you.

The simplest way to do so is to submit your request online. You may access, modify or have deleted at any time the information concerning you:
-	Filling out the contact form.
If you are unable to access, modify or delete your data through those online tools, you may have your request sent to the following address:
Whybe Online, Média Participations Group
57 rue Gaston Tessier – 75019 Paris - France
Your written request must be signed along with a photocopy of an identity document carrying the signature of the holder. The request must specify the address to which must be sent the reply. An answer will be sent within 2 months following the reception of the request.

Caution! We wish to remind you that our partners are fully responsible of their use of your personal data and are responsible to respect your rights, including the right to stop receiving offers from them.

You may however modify at any time your choices within your user account, in the section dedicated to your options concerning the offers sent out by third parties. If you modify this choice after having accepted the offers of third parties, your personal data will no longer be transferred to our partners, as of the date of the processing of your request. 

It is compulsory to provide nominative information within the framework of online sales, as these information are essential to the processing and delivering of your order, as well as for the issue of invoicing.
In the event that your personal data is deleted, you acknowledge the impossibility to access and/or order products on the Website.

Article 4-  How long do we keep your data?

Your personal data are stored by XXXX itself and/or any subcontractor of its choice strictly for the execution of its obligations, and are retained as long as the purposes for which they were collected are not fulfilled, in accordance with the law in force.
Passed this term, the data is solely stored for statistical purposes and will not be exploited in any way. 

Article 5- How do we protect your personal data? 

Your personal data are collected through a secured server. Our secure server software encrypts the data collected before transferring it to us. Our safety procedures protects the storage and prevent any leakage or non-authorized access to such data so that we comply with the French law regarding the protection of personal data. Therefore, we may disclose to you any private information only provided a proof of your identity.		
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