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		Whybe Online Legal Notice and Privacy Policy
Welcome to Whybe Online!
Whybe Online is the official distributor of the multiplayer online game called "Ragnarok Online", accessible at the URL address www.ragnarokeurope.com (hereafter referred to as the Site).
Whybe Online is a limited liability company ("Société par Actions Simplifiée") with a capital of 1 000 000 Euros. It is registered at the company trade register in Nanterre under the number 491 456 448. Its headquarters is at 15/27 rue Moussorgski – 75 018 Paris.
We can be reached by email at corporate@whybe-online.com.
Whybe Online is responsible for publishing the Site. Any suggestions for the Site can be sent to the webmaster at: corporate@whybe-online.com
COLT Telecom hosts the Site.
Whybe Online ensures that the collection and processing of data of a personal nature is compliant with French law n°78-17 dated 6 January 1978, relative to computing, files and freedoms (the "Informatique et Libertés" law), and with particular respect to the present Privacy Policy.

Article 1. Scope of the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy applies unconditionally to the entire Site, including the pages accessible by everyone, as well as the pages accessible upon registration. 
The Privacy Policy is always available on the Site, and applies exclusively to the Site.
Our Privacy Policy does not apply to other internet sites that are not edited by Whybe Online, and which you may be able to access from the hypertext links located on our Site.

Article 2. Modifications to the Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy is subject to modification.
Excepting further provisions and legal arrangements that are contrary, the applicable version of the Privacy Policy is the one that is in force the day of each connection.

Article 3. Warning regarding video game use (French Decree n°96-360 dated 23 April 1996, regarding video game warnings)
This must be read before you or your child use the video game.
I. - Precautions to always take when playing a video game.
Avoid playing if you are tired or haven't slept enough.
Be sure to play in a well lit room and adjust the brightness of your screen.
If you are playing a video game that may be connected to a television screen, play at a proper distance from this screen, as far away as the cord will allow you to play.
Take 10- to 15-minute breaks every hour when you play.
II. - Epilepsy warning.
Some people are likely to have epileptic fits that could include loss of consciousness when exposed to strong visual stimuli—rapidly moving images or repetitive simple geometric shapes, lightning, or explosions. These people have fits when they play video games containing such stimuli, even if they don't have a medical history of fits or have never had an epileptic fit.
If you or a member of your family have already had symptoms related to epilepsy (a fit or a loss of consciousness) in the presence of visual stimuli, see your doctor before using the game.
Parents should be particularly attentive to their children when they play video games. You or your child should immediately stop playing the game and see a doctor if there are any of the following symptoms: dizziness, vision problems, eye or muscle contraction, orientation problems, involuntary movements or convulsions, or momentary loss of consciousness.

Article 4. Protection of minors
The Site and Game are recommended to persons of 12 years of age and older.
We have done our best to exclude content that is violent, pornographic, or conducive to crime, violence, discrimination, racial hatred, or that encourages drug use, possession, or traffic, from the entire Site and from the Game in particular.
However, as the Site is of an interactive nature, the Site and Game content are likely to evolve, especially through the chat service and the discussion forums at your disposal.
Visitors are reminded that they are to express themselves on chats and in the discussion forums in such a way as to not offend minors less than 18 years of age.
It is incumbent upon the parents and guardians of non-emancipated minors to ensure that the latter do not provide their name, address, or telephone number without authorisation, particularly when they use the chat function or discussion forums.
We will particularly pay attention to personal data concerning minors less than 18 years of age.
We are committed ensuring that their personal data will not be collected, used, or given out, notably for marketing purposes, without prior consent from their legal guardians.
Likewise, minors may not subscribe to the Game or make online purchases on our Site. These acts can only be done by their legal guardians.

However, in the current state of technology, it is impossible to control the authenticity of the declarations of our visitors regarding their age and date of birth.
We thus suggest that you use filtering software that can block access to sites that are likely to contain information going against the interests of minors. You can obtain information on this software from your internet access providers for example.
These tools should not however substitute for controls that are personalised and adapted to website content.

Article 5. Identification of personal data that is collected and processed
Whybe Online considers personal data to be all the information relative to a natural person has been identified or who is identifiable, either directly or indirectly, with an identification number or one or more elements specific to him or her that have been provided on the Site.  
Depending on the situation, Whybe Online may collect personal data such as your name, postal and email addresses, telephone number, age, birth date, IP address, and information relative to your profession, extraprofessional activities, video game preferences and habits. 
During online purchases, Whybe Online may also collect and process your payment card identification numbers and expiration date. This information is secured according to the conditions explained below.
With the exception of the IP address and other connection data, this information is collected from forms that you may have filled out online on our Site, or through emails that you might have sent us from the Site. 

Article 6. Purpose of personal data collection and processing, and duration of conservation
Whybe Online collects and processes data in order to facilitate and to maintain our business relations, and, depending on the situation, to handle your requests and to execute obligations related to the services that you would like to benefit from.
Information that is required for processing your requests to access one of our services (notably Game subscription and our information email for example) are marked by an asterisk.
If these fields are not filled, you will not be able to access the services that we offer you.
It is not compulsory to provide information on your centres of interest, or professional or extraprofessional activities for example.  The purpose of collecting and processing this data is to allow us to get to know you better, and to notably customise the content of messages that we send to you. This information will on no account be used to make decisions that could deprive you of the benefits of using our Site in part or in whole.
The personal data collected by the Site is saved in compliance with the procedures stipulated by the French law on computing, files and freedoms ("Informatique et Libertés"), and for a duration justified by the purpose of their processing.

Article 7. Cookies
Cookies are small information files transferred onto your hard disk by internet sites that you visit.
When you visit the Site, such files are deposited on your computer.
Cookies save browsing information related to our Site on your computer (viewed pages, date, time . . . ) that we can view during your subsequent visits.
They are meant to identify your computer to help you browse the Site.  As a consequence, during future visits, you won't need to recomplete the form that we provide in order to handle your orders and reservation requests. The cookies can also be used to identify the user or to find data on the user to be used for marketing and advertising purposes. 
This information is kept on your computer for 12 months.
You can stop the saving of cookies by configuring your browser by: 
In Mozilla Firefox:
1. Select the "Tools" menu and then "Options" .
2. Click on the "Privacy" icon. 
3. Locate the "Cookie" icon and select your desired options.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0: 
1. Choose "Tools" menu and then the "Internet Options" menu. 
2. Click on the "Confidentiality" tab. 
3. Select the desired level with your cursor. 
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: 
1. Choose the "Tools" menu and then the "Internet Options" menu. 
2. Click on the "Security" tab. 
3. Select "Internet" and then "Custom Level". 
4. Locate the "Cookies" section and select your desired option.
For Netscape 6.X and 7.X:
1. Choose the "Edit" > "Preferences" menu
2. Confidentiality and Security
3. Cookies
For Opera 6.0 and beyond:
1. Select the "File" > "Preferences" menu 
2. Privacy
Note: Stopping cookies may affect the quality of your access to and/or your browsing on the Site.

Article 8. IP addresses and other connection data
An IP address is the number that your internet access provider assigns to your server or computer.
Whybe Online may use this address and other connection data specific to you to generate aggregate statistics on its clients.
Whybe Online may also use your IP addresses for the technical management of its system, mainly for maintenance purposes, to prevent abusive utilisation of the servers, and to send aggregate information. 
We will not associate these IP addresses with information of a personal nature concerning you.  Your visits on the Site are thus saved but remain anonymous. 
We may however be led to collaborate with your internet service providers in order to allow prosecuting and judicial authorities to identify you through your IP address. 

Article 9. Recipients of your personal data
Data of a personal nature that is collected on our Site is sent to the personnel of Whybe Online, as well as to any subcontractors, for the sole purpose of allowing you to benefit from our services, and if you have indicated your desire to do so, our commercial partners as well.
In the event that a third party creates a file based on the data that you have already sent to Whybe Online with your consent, it is incumbent upon this third party to inform you of the purpose of this data processing, of the recipients or categories of recipients of this data, of all your rights regarding this data, and depending on the situation, of any potential emission of the data outside the states of the European Community. 
If a company other than Whybe Online creates a file based on your personal data, you will be notified at the very moment that this operation takes place.
Your personal data will never be sent to states that are not members of the European Union.

Article 10. Business development
Whybe Online may use the email addresses collected on our Site for online marketing, solely to inform you of products and services that are similar to those that you may have ordered from the Site. 
However, you can specify that you would not like to receive these mailings by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails that you may have received from us.
If you have indicated the desire to do so through our online forms, you might receive commercial offers from Whybe Online partners, or offers that might not be related to the products or services that we have already provided to you. If you do not wish to receive these offers any more, you still have the right to cancel them.

Article 11. Your personal data rights
You have the right to ask Whybe Online to not process your personal data, as well as the right to ask, free of charge, that your personal data not be used for marketing, and for business development by Whybe Online in particular, or depending on the situation, by our partners to whom we may have sent your personal data.
Requesting that your personal data not be processed could lead to the inability of Whybe Online to provide the requested service. Whybe Online will not be at fault in such a situation.
Moreover, you have the right to access, communicate modify, rectify, and to delete information concerning you that is collected during your visits to the Site of Whybe Online.
In particular, you have the right to question Whybe Online to obtain the confirmation that your personal data is or is not being processed, information relating to the purposes of data processing, and information on the categories of recipients to whom this information is communicated.
We inform you that a copy of the personal data concerning you can be sent, at your request and in exchange for a reimbursement of the costs of duplicating this data.
However, Whybe Online may object to requests that are obviously abusive, notably by their quantity, or repetitive or systematic nature.
You can exercise these rights by simply:
- Sending a letter to: Whybe Online SAS, 15/27, rue Moussorgski, 75018 Paris; 
- Or sending an email to corporate@whybe-online.com.

Article 12. CNIL Declaration
The Site was declared to the French national commission on computing, files and freedoms ("CNIL") on 22 November 2006 (N°1205608).

Article 13. Making your personal data anonymous
Your personal data may be made anonymous, as prescribed by the CNIL, and may be used for statistical purposes. 
We will notably ensure that the anonymisation process that we use can also remove the anonymity by intersecting the processed data. 
For data that has been made anonymous, Article 11 above does not apply.

Article 14. Security of personal data, and of payment information in particular
Whybe Online attaches great importance to ensuring that personal data that you provide to us is not communicated to third parties without your consent, or used for ends other than for allowing you to benefit from the services that we propose to you from the Site.
Access to your personal data is strictly controlled.
We are committed to making our best effort to ensure that third parties to whom we are likely to send your personal data and information sufficiently protect this information.
The payment information that the User may provide will be used solely to uniquely process the billing of your subscription. 

Article 15. Applicable law
In compliance with article 17 of the French law on confidence in the digital economy, this present Site is subject to French legislation.		
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